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What Would Martin Do?

By Gina LaRoche

On Sunday my minister preached on WWMD (What Would Martin Do?) as homage to the bracelets that many Christian youths wore about a decade ago as a reminder to ask themselves, when up against a moral dilemma, what would Jesus do? (WWJD) On the Celebration of the birth of Martin Luther King Jr. our minister challenged…

Social Fabric: Initiation

By Shea Adelson

In our work to usher in the truth and promise of sufficiency into the world, attending to social fabric will be a key focus. I don’t yet know what it will take to restore the social fabric of my own life, never mind the culture at large. For now, I am guessing it takes one relationship at a time. Starting with those around us first, family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, municipalities… small systems of connection that will web out from sheer strength and fortitude.

Service & Completion

By Gina LaRoche

My inner voice is heard, my passion ignites, my soul heals. I powerfully Complete this year with love and compassion. I create next year to allow for my life to work as I design in partnership with Source.   It Don’t Mean a thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing  –Duke Ellington   Excerpt from Living in…