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PRACTICE Loving-Kindness

By Michelle Poskaitis

Loving-Kindness is a practice to cultivate compassion for ourselves and others. It consists of a series of phrases said while in a centered or meditative state. We send a series of wishes on behalf of several people, including ourselves. The wishes and the order of people is not significant however, there is a traditional flow….

The 7 Laws of Enough

By Michelle Poskaitis

It’s so exciting! To illuminate the story of Sustainable Abundance, Jen and Gina offer their forthcoming book, The Seven Laws of Enough™. As we all become context creators—authors of our own narrative and a new narrative for the world—the seven laws of enough are offered to guide, remind, inspire, and light the way. Published by…

A Moment to Remember

By Seven Stones Leadership

Last week was quite a week for the United States and the world. Some of us woke up elated that, finally, we have elected a fresh face to the political scene. Someone dynamic, charismatic with new ideas and certainly a different approach to politics. Some of us woke feeling quite the opposite; that we have…