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Cultivating Sufficiency during the Holiday Season

By Shea Adelson

It’s the holiday season…and there is much to do. There are lights to be hung, candles to burn, presents to create or purchase and wrapping to be finished (or started!). In my house there is food to prepare and cleaning to be done. There are celebrations and rituals and relatives all trying to find their way into my calendar.

There are advertisments everywhere telling me that I should be shopping there to find the best gifts. My credit cards are begging me to use them and I’m spending blindly, running from place to place, never feeling like it’s enough. I’m asleep at the wheel of life – doing what I’ve always done during the holiday season – doing it all.

Take a moment and consider…..consider that you’ve been (and are) asleep yourself.

*Ring* *Ring*…….Time to wake up!

My heart doesn’t want to do it all – does yours? My heart wants to connect with people. My heart wants to tell the truth about what’s so for me. My heart wants to give and receive the gifts of the other. My heart doesn’t want another “thing”….my heart wants to love and be loved. My heart wants to be present to every hug that is given to me, breathe in every smile, breathe out joy. My heart wants me to BE LOVE not search for it in every present that I open, hoping that it’s there.

My offer to you during this holiday season is to listen to YOUR heart….what does YOUR heart want? And do it. It reminds me of a great quote from Gandhi….

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are all in harmony”

Good Morning Sunshine….

(Written by Jen Kochevar, Doorways of Discovery)

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