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I Am Enough

By Sue Richardson

“We are born fully complete, creative, resourceful and capable,” we write in the 7 laws of enough. Think about that.

We often forget this truth because we live in a model of scarcity—of “not enough”—as individuals, communities and in society as a whole. At the individual level, scarcity looks something like “I’m not rich enough, attractive enough, smart enough, interesting enough, tall enough, thin enough…” It could also look like “I haven’t done enough” or “I don’t have enough.” This leaves us perpetually unsatisfied. The alternative is to remember that we are born with enough. This is the foundation of Law #2: I am Enough and the start to a life of sustainable abundance.

I’ve been observing myself relative to the second law of enough for a long time. My day-to-day experience of being enough can vary widely throughout the day, week, month or year. I suspect it’s the same for you. When I remember that I am enough and am living in that state, I am present and ready to create and to collaborate. On the other hand, when I am swimming in a world of not enough, I get distracted. That state sucks up a lot of my energy, especially when I try to press on without doing something to return myself to the mindset of I am enough.

In another post, we discussed the notion that the story we tell is the life we live. I’ve realized that the story I tell myself about the events of the day can act as forces that send me toward or away from feeling I am enough. That happens automatically without any thought. Through trial and error I’ve learned that there are actions I can take that reliably initiate those forces that send me toward enough. Here is what returns me to that basic truth:

Pausing: I take a break, look around and notice where I am in time and space. Pausing like this reconnects me with reality. It takes me out of the powerful thoughts spinning in my mind that repeatedly whisper some version of “you are not enough.”

Meditating: I sit still and breathe. Meditating as few as five minutes also interrupts the swirl of negative thoughts and brings me to the present moment without the story I’ve added throughout the day.

Moving: I walk, run, dance, stretch or do a few yoga moves. Moving gets me out of my head and into the world around me. It is also a way to get myself rejuvenated physically and mentally after sitting for long periods of time, which saps my energy.

Experiencing Nature: I connect with nature using my senses. If I have the time, I go outside and touch the earth with my feet, listen to and feel the wind, soak up the heat from the sun, and see the beauty of the flora and fauna. If I don’t have the time, I look up from my desk and take in the leaves, grass and sunlight visible through my window. The more senses I expose the better, but one is enough! Nature is such a fundamental part of us that mindfully experiencing it connects me to my fundamental self—which is enough!

Laughing: I seek out people who know how to make me laugh. If they aren’t available, there are some YouTube clips that always get me going. Laughing shifts my energy into a lighter space.

Connecting: I reach out and connect with someone who understands me, inspires me and cares. Connecting with someone—really listening to them and vice versa—shifts the narrative in my head and replaces it with feelings of love and peace.

I recommend experimenting with any of the above practices or inventing some of your own. You can always tweak your plan if it doesn’t quite work for you. The goal is to figure out what reminds you—and returns you—to the mindset of I am enough. It’s that place where you are centered, grounded and clear, ready to engage creatively with pursuing the vision you have for yourself, your team and your organization. Give it a try!

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