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Unwinding from Time

By Gina LaRoche

Time for a confession. I find myself in deep scarcity around time and my relationship to time. Despite my work with many, many clients about managing their relationships to time, I find myself stuck in the same place where many of my clients are.

I am committed to, as one of my clients says, actually, factually, unwind myself from this trap. Unwinding myself from my own personal time trap. I’m not sure where this journey will lead; however, I’ve declared that it begins somewhere around 10:00 at night. Because, when I go to bed, the quality and quantity of my sleep is a very important piece of this puzzle. When I have slept well, when I am rested, when I have energy, time feels more like a friend. I have created an ally rather than an enemy here to steal and sap my soul.

I discovered today that a moment is an actual measurement. It’s 90 seconds. So if I assume I sleep seven hours a day, I have 680 moments available to me each day. That is 40 moments an hour to pause, to create, to learn, to stop, to start. In essence, to unwind. With forty moments at my disposal at any hour of any day, I truly have oceans of time.

Yes, you heard me oceans of time– a phrase I learned from Lynne Twist, one that I use often in my work. When I remind us at Seven Stones or  a client of this fact, we all visibly relax. I have used the phrase for hyperbole, and I see now that it’s actually the truth, that there an ocean of time available for me, for all of us. What will you choose for your next series of moments?

One thought on “Unwinding from Time

  1. Yes and the very first is to pause…my sponsor called it the “sacred pause” and I do now, too…so a moment needs a pause = awareness of what is….and to stay on same course or choose another…

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