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By Gina LaRoche

Being_Series VHow do I be all I want to be?

Read all I want to read?

Clean all I want to clean?

Clear all I want to clear?

Eat all I want to eat?

Own all I want to own?

I WANT . . .

Are wants a weapon of scarcity?

When I want I am in scarcity, am I declaring I am not sufficient?

As long as I want my office clean, my husband to do something or be something he isn’t, my bank account to fill or a bag of money to magically appear, am I standing in scarcity and lack?

Wanting was handed to me from birth. Cultivated and nourished as each birthday and Christmas passed . . . “What do you want for Christmas, [little] Gina?” Each commercial, magazine, store window seeks my want. My want is like an animal growing ever hungrier as I grow older. The progressive nature of wanting. . . I want the best schools for my kids, the best soccer teams, the best coach, the best teacher and the best kids to be their friends. I want. I want. I want.

That wanting is in me living, growing and finding its way in me at each and every moment. What would my life look like without wanting? I would cut up a live credit card, I would experience life from a new place and all would be well.

All is well

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