Un-Stuck: Make the Shift


Our latest book is an interactive guided journey out of scarcity into sufficiency.

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This guidebook is meant to allow you to dive into scarcity, the not-enough-ness that often pervades our lives. We recommend this dive to allow for scarcity to be noticed by you and present in you so you can investigate what the mechanisms are that hold you back and keep your greatness, passion and power at bay.

This guidebook can also be used as a framework for group conversations. You could choose to work with one Weapon a week for 24 weeks or even with one Weapon a month for 24 months. Sufficiency Call leaders can use each page of a chapter for each week during a month, giving participants time to work through their own processes between each call. Individuals, groups and organizations can also use this as a companion guide to our Escape the Grips of Scarcity program — a self study course that is available at DailyOm.com. Finally, organizations can work with this book as a way to diagnose which Weapons of Scarcity are dictating the future of their business.

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