Sustainable Abundance: A Leadership Journey

Each course in this foundational sequence is designed to take you on an ever-deepening journey of self-discovery that will empower you to let go of the scarcity mindset and to walk in Sustainable Abundance.

Centered around our philosophy of Sustainable Abundance, the individual courses in the Sustainable Abundance: A Leadership Journey sequence will teach you how to embrace, sustain and master a novel approach to life and leadership by accepting the simple idea that who you are and what you have are, simply, enough.

The Sustainable Abundance course sequence teaches transformational habits, tools and knowledge designed to enrich both your personal and professional lives, your organization, your community and your world.

Note About the Course Formats

Step 1: Embracing Sustainable Abundance is our introductory course and can be taken online. Steps 2 and 3 are live, in-person courses, usually held in the eastern United States and sometimes as Destination Courses.

The 3-Step Course Sequence

In Step 1, our introductory online course, we embark together on your personal leadership journey. This journey represents a palpable paradigm shift in mindset from looking at the world through a lens of scarcity to one of Sustainable Abundance.

As a mindset, Sustainable Abundance becomes the way in which you listen deeply to yourself and to others to discover your true needs and values. In Step 2, we’ll work with you to cultivate sustainable practices that empower you to pursue your goals, undertake new ventures fearlessly and live the kind of life whose achievements stand the test of time over generations.

In Step 3, our certification-level course in Sustainable Abundance, we teach participants to support others on their journeys toward Sustainable Abundance by becoming a Sustabu coach, sufficiency call mentor and/or community call leader.