Transformational Coaching for Leaders

Seven Stones’ one-on-one Transformational Coaching program is geared toward supporting senior executives and high-potential leaders as they strive to accomplish real, lasting, sustainable change for themselves, their organi-zations and their world.

Transformational Coaching

Our one-on-one Transformational Coaching program is transformational in a few distinct ways:

First, we ask you to think systemically about the dominant culture of scarcity and excess that drives so much of our leadership agenda today.

Second, we introduce you to a holistic approach to transformation, one that includes your mindsets, way of being in life and neuro-physiology. In doing so, we train leaders to recognize how early life events shape their current leadership approach. We also help them develop a foundational understanding of the latest thinking in neuroscience. This is how and why we guide leaders to deepen their capacity, cultivate agility and emotional range, and lead in turbulent times.

Third, we emphasize the use of practices, experiments and inquiry as three primary gateways to developing new leadership capabilities.

Who It’s For

Created specifically for senior executives and high-potential employees, Transformational Coaching is a tailored, one-on-one leadership coaching experience with one of the Seven Stones braintrust, Jennifer Cohen and Gina LaRoche, or one of our other senior coaches who provide impeccable client care and have a depth of training and experience.

What to Expect

Our Transformational Coaching partnerships usually last for six months to two years depending on the outcomes and needs you want to fulfill. For many of our clients, the program includes traditional leadership coaching methods combined with additional communications and support as needed, shadow coaching—for example, travel to presentations, client meetings and internal strategy events—and even working with important stakeholders on your team or in your organization.


Over the course of your Transformational Coaching engagement, you’ll learn to:

  • Embrace your gifts, wisdom and purpose and learn to express them fearlessly to the world
  • Increase your capacity to make your mark on your organization and your community
  • Design and create intentional outcomes for your life and organization
  • Learn to flow with life’s ups and downs, managing transitions gracefully and navigating complexities from a place of calm and resilience
  • Adopt a fundamental mood of joyful, playful curiosity. Moods are contagious.
  • Learn how to operate in partnership and not work as a lone ranger
  • Increase your ability to specify and articulate your dreams, both personal and professional, and take powerful action to bring your visions to fruitionLearn to master delivering difficult communications and challenging conversations
  • Learn to master delivering difficult communications and challenging conversations


For more information about embarking on Transformational Coaching for Leaders at your organization, call us at 978.314.0718 or reach out to us via our contact form.

Thought Partnership

An Ongoing Support Program for Leaders

For leaders who’ve successfully completed Transformational Coaching and still want support and advice from time to time, we offer our Thought Partnership program. Thought Partnership includes ongoing access to our coaches—whether for periodic check-ins on the progress you’re making on your journey, strategic consultations on how to undertake a new venture, or tactical input, feedback and advice on specific opportunities or challenges you’re facing.

For more information call us at 978.314.0718 or reach out to us via our contact form.

Premium Coaching Offering

Platinum Coaching

Our Platinum Coaching offering is transformational coaching for leaders who are committed to deliver big this year.

The structure of the offering includes:

  • Coaching by the founders of Seven Stones with one person as your primary coach
  • Regularly scheduled coaching meetings
  • Regular on-site visits from your coach to observe you live in action
  • Stakeholder interviews at scheduled intervals throughout the engagement
  • Quarterly retreat days in the privacy of our quiet office where we dive deep into the self of the leader to help you unwind and unleash the fullest expression of your gifts
  • Ad hoc conversations to handle immediate and tactical needs
  • Coordination with others service providers (therapists, concierge medical providers, other consultants in play, advisors and other trusted counsel) in your ecosystem for seamless and well-aligned support

Our commitment to you:

  • We stand with and for the fullest expression of your vision and mission. You will take a quantum leap in your capacity, your presence, and your skills at galvanizing others.
  • You will have sustaining practices so you can remain in condition to lead for the long haul.
  • You will have power and effectiveness like you have never experienced.

We take only 4 leaders per year for this exclusive offering.


To find out how our Platinum Coaching offering can help you achieve outrageous results, call 978.314.0718 or reach out to us via our contact form.