Transformational Coaching for Leaders

The critical questions for the future of your organization.

Unparalleled support for unprecedented times

Seven Stones’ one-on-one Transformational Coaching program is geared toward supporting senior executives and high-potential leaders as they strive to accomplish real, lasting, sustainable change for themselves, their organizations and their world. Leaders at organizations big and small are asked to jump from being visionaries, to strategic thinkers, to managers. This work is at once isolating, thrilling and overwhelming.

We work with leaders to cultivate the resilience, calm and passion needed to thrive on their own—and the know-how to share that capacity with their teams. We aim to cultivate agility, create emotional range, identify toxic behaviors and abandon frantic environments.

Together we will think systemically about the dominant culture of scarcity and excess that drives so much of our leadership agenda. Second, we introduce you to a holistic approach to transformation, one that includes your mindsets, way of being in life and neuro-physiology. In doing so, we train leaders to recognize how early life events shape their current leadership approach. We also help them develop a foundational understanding of the latest thinking in neuroscience. This is how and why we guide leaders to deepen their capacity, cultivate agility and emotional range, and lead in turbulent times. Third, we emphasize the use of practices, experiments and inquiry as three primary gateways to developing new leadership capabilities.


Executive Coaching Program


Who It’s For

Created specifically for senior executives and high-potential employees, Transformational Coaching is a tailored, one-on-one leadership coaching experience with one of the Seven Stones braintrust, Jennifer Cohen and Gina LaRoche, or one of our other senior coaches who provide impeccable client care and have a depth of training and experience.

What to Expect

Six months to two years of traditional leadership coaching methods with 360-degree 1:1 interviews, additional shadow coaching as needed—for example, travel to presentations, client meetings and internal strategy events—and even working with important stakeholders on your team or in your organization.


Over the course of your Transformational Coaching engagement for executives and high-potential leaders, you’ll learn to:

  • Embrace your gifts, wisdom and purpose and learn to express them fearlessly to the world
  • Increase your capacity to make your mark on your organization and your community
  • Flow with life’s ups and downs, manage transitions with some gravitas and navigate complexities calmly and with resilience
  • Increase your ability to specify and articulate your dreams, both personal and professional, and take powerful action to bring your visions to fruition
  • Learn to master delivering difficult communications and challenging conversations
  • Rethink your beliefs, and ditch the ones getting in the way of your future
  • Get in shape to innovate and respond to the opportunities and challenges of a complex world


For more information about embarking on Transformational Coaching for Leaders at your organization, call us at 617.531.3548 or complete the inquiry form.